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I'm looking to make up a 35mm kit around a few soft focus lenses. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any central listing of soft focus lenses produced for 35mm cameras. Furthermore, no manufacturer appears to have made a complete set of wide, normal, and telephoto soft focus lenses (Pentax seems to have come the closest with a 28mm and an 85mm).

So I thought I'd ask and see if the community could list all of the known 35mm format soft focus lenses. I'll kick it off with Nikon:

105mm f/2 DC
135mm f/2 DC
90mm f/4.8 fun fun lens
The Nikon D.C ( defocus control) lenses are not soft focus lenses they slightly put the image out of focus, true soft focus optics soften the picture by introducing spherical aberration into the image.