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    Half Frame Camera

    The Konica Autorex was sold in the U.S. as the Auto reflex. It can be used for both full frame and half frame shooting. There are may fine Konica Hexanon lenses which fit this camera. It is a non-TTL SLR so metering may take a little getting used to. Konica made a compact half frame camera called the AA35 in the U.S. and the Recorder elsewhere. It is an AF p&s camera with a sharp lens. Greg Weber (gweber@webercamera.com) may be a source for either of these cameras. A very nice standard lens on the Auto Reflex is the 28/1.8 UC Hexanon. If you find one you may need to have the oil removed from the aperture blades. Konica also made a series of small RF cameras called eye. The lettering is very stylized so it almost looks like cyc.

    In the 1980s there was a custom adaptation of the Konica FT-1 SLR. It was called the Auto Half. The FT-1 has many nice features so if you could find one of these you would have something really special. If you are not looking to just use a smaller format you could have a focusing screen for a Nikon or Canon camera marked to show the half frame dimensions and yiu could then use the appropriate lenses for those markings.

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    Medium Format
    Quote Originally Posted by Rolleiflexible View Post
    I did a quick search and found
    that the camera has a 39mm
    thread mount for the lenses.
    Will they accept Leica LTM
    lenses? If so, will they couple
    with the camera's rangefinder?

    And can you recommend a
    seller for these cameras?
    Good afternoon Sanders,
    The Chaika lens does have a 39mm diameter, but will NOT perform with a Leica LTM lens do to a different flange to film plane (backfocus) distance.
    The Chaika lens was designed to be used (if desired) in an enlarger when printing your half frame negatives.
    The Chaika camera does NOT have a rangefinder. You focus it as you would a Rollei T or S pocket camera or a Leitz A model without the rangefinder.
    I have ONLY purchased my Chaika from Eastern European sellers on eBay. HOWEVER I would highly recommend contacting Yuri Boguslavsky in NY. His website is Fedka.com Mention my name if you desire. He MAY have access to a Chaika and his warranty is his bond. The only other seller I've had enough experience with is Oleg Khalyavin at okvintagecameras.com He is in Russia and is a repairer of cameras. He will also supply a camera if needed and it can be found. He also will insure you get a camera that has been checked out before selling.
    Hope this helps,
    Sam H.
    As a Post Script, let me say that I truely admire your photography. You are very talented to say the least.

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