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    Nikon FE winder issue.

    Added to my FE collection last week except this otherwise mint camera has a winder problem where the film lever doesn't lock after an advance. I am unsure if this is a quick fix or something where I have to take the bottom off.

    I just bought it from a camera guy so if it requires any real work whatsoever I'll just return it. But perhaps...? The camera was mint and I got a great deal so I'd be willing to consider some minor fidgeting.

    What I don't want is to have to repeatedly repair this same problem..so..


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    The latch is on the bottom of the camera.
    Remove the base plate & on the right hand(wind) side of the camera there's a lever that should have a copper or bronze colored plate on it. It has one screw riding in a brass bearing.
    When the camera is cocked, the end of this lever should engage a lever under the motor drive engagement disc. It could just need a spring re engaged.
    If the springs appear intact, there is a brass plate near the center of the camera. The copper/bronze lever has a finger that goes into the center of the camera. About 5mm or so into the camera there is a roller. You can see it move fwd & aft when you advance the camera. The copper/bronze lever HAS to be on the inside of this roller. By inside I mean away from the lens.
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