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    Quote Originally Posted by PhotoGizmo View Post
    I have had all of my cameras overhauled at one point or another. An overhaul means the body gets cleaned out, old solidified lubricants are replaced, the door seals are changed, the shutter calibrated, film transport cleaned, and a host of other items looked at. If you have a camera with the older 1.35v button cell, the repairman can recalibrate the meter to accept the newer 1.5v button cells. Wein cells are OK, but they die quickly and never at a convenient time.

    Like a car, you can drive one without maintenance, but it may not be as reliable as you want it to be. Mechanical camera experts are thinning out. You might not be able to find a competent one in a few years.

    I think $130 is cheap insurance, and your camera will last for years afterward.
    The reason I suggested getting a different body, is due to the upgrades that Nikon did when the FTn came out. Namely the centerweighted meter, instead of the full-frame averaging meter, the semiautomatic indexing of the max. aperture of the lens, and the in-viewfinder display of the shutter speeds. Also, later FTn's had a couple of focusing screen options, in that people could get the "A" screen with the split-image and no microprism, the "K" screen with both, or the original "J" screen with only the microprism spot. Then, the FT2 fixed the battery issue by going to the V76PX style battery and a smaller battery box. Also added a lock for the ASA setting tab, as well as a hot shoe. As far as I know, the FT2 never came with the "J" screen as standard equipment, although, I once had an FT2 that already came with said screen installed when I bought it. Granted, it also had a Nikomat FTn nameplate on it with the older 'Nikomat" font.

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    Here's mine. Just polished off a roll of Kodachrome KR64, 3 more in the mail coming and two of them are going in this camera, the 3rd is for my Minolta Maxxum 4 which is the sharpest 35mm in my group (haven't developed anything off my Canon Elan7e yet)

    There's a datestamp from Jan. 1990, I think it had a CLA done because the seals are like new and everything is smooth as silk. I've put about 10 rolls through it.

    Lenses are:

    55-135 f3.5 Vivitar (pictured)
    50mm Nikkor-H f2 (needs SERIOUS love)
    28mm Albinar ADG 2.8 macro
    35mm f2.8 Nikkor
    28mm f3.5 Nikkor-G
    28mm 2.8 Rokinon
    80-200 f4.5 Rokinon

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    This summer I was given a silver Nikkormat FTN a Nikon F and Nikon FG along with a few lenses.

    The Nikkormat is a beautiful piece of work. It is very clean, solid and works great. The period lenses for the F and FTN are the Nikkor-S Auto f1.4 50mm and the Zoom-Nikkor Auto f3.5 43mm-86mm.

    The eyepiece for both cameras are missing. For the Nikkormat, I bought a rubber o-ring of the appropriate diameter at the hardware store and glued it to the camera so it can rest against my glasses.

    I wasn't sure how I would like the shutter speed selector, but have adapted to it quite easily.

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