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Surely this strategy works better if there is a good supply of the item, say a manual Nikon SLR, rather than some rare lens that only appears on the second hand market twice a year?

Thom,most of the people who work in photographic shops these days are salesmen with a sleight knowledge of photography, a little more than the general public and to many of them a Leica or Rollieiflex is just old-fashioned junk, indeed I once saw a young member of my staff offer a customer £40 in part exchange for a Rolleiflex 2.8F with a 80mm Plannar !, he told me when I took him to task about it that he had no idea it was such a good camera, anyway how was he supposed to know the 1950s was before he was born, and it looked very old- fashioned to him :rolleyes:
Quite often the price of second hand equipment is sold for depends how much the shop has to pay for it to buy or in a part exchange deal to acquire it.