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Black has always been my preference.
All my Canon's (A1, AE1-Program, F1) have been black; my EOS system followed suit - although it doesn't actually come in any other colour, so I'd be stuck if I really loved chrome!
See, I do love chrome, and therefore am kind of sad my A-1 only comes in black. I think all-black cameras are dull and boring, especially the awful amorphous blobs everyone is saddled with these days.

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There is the whole debate over which is better as far as reflecting heat(chrome) vs attracting and holding heat(black) and is it myth or fact. I remember reading an article about that back in the 80's as to why most camera manufacturers went to all black. It is purely a marketing ploy, and cheaper to make an all black unit, and label it a"professional" model. I believe this was due to the popularity of the Nikon F series, and not everybody could afford one, plus it gave the illusion your camera was just as good as the Nikon.
Thanks for that. It will be useful ammunition for when I feel like being ornery about camera aesthetics (it happens).

It is kind of interesting though to trace the design trends through camera history. We started with wood and brass, generally transitioning to black and chrome, and now we're in the age of all-black. Obviously the majority prefers the all-black thing, and lots of people still go (ardently) for the wood and brass thing, but for me it'll always be the classic black and chrome. The original Star Trek, as it were.