I had the Rollei sl35e when it was first launched. Handling wise, just about the best camera ever. However my camera spent more time with Rollei (UK) Limited than it ever did with me. In the end Rollei gave me my money back. The lenses were not that much better, the 200mm lens had to be repaired twice, the 85 f1.4 (made by Zeiss not Rollei) developed balsam fault, voigtlander 21mm was given money back by dealer (poor performance). All the faults on the camera were electronic. Rollei had real quality problems with this camera, in fact at the time a column in Camera User magazine reported that one dealer at a conference was convinced that Rollei had shipped all their defective cameras to him. Of course the real problem was Rollei had so many faulty cameras. It really was a pitty because the camera, when working was a joy to use! Later models will no doubt have more stable electronics, also any camera that has survived this long probably will remain fault free for many years to come.

In the end I purchased a Pentax 6x7 which apart from breaking down once on holiday has been 100% reliable. Also, unlike at Rollei, Pentax fixed it while I waited, took them about 45mins if I recall.

To anyone purchasing a Rollei sl35e I hope you will use it as it is a joy to take photographs and the results are as good as any other camera of the time, the 16mm lens and 18mm lens and 85mm lens are all fab.