Yes, buying used gear without warranty is definitely a gamble. I remember buying a lovely A1 - fantastic condition and my pride and joy at the time. Used it on a weekend to shoot some football and the take up sprocket broke apart!

My cousin also had an A1 at the time, and we both shopped regularly at this particular store; from memory we would have spent over $35,000 between us. When it came to being repaired, they accused me of swapping bodies with him, so that the repair could be done under my camera's warranty! (Would cost them about $500 - more than I spent on the actual camera.) Thankfully my warranty card had been filled in correctly, which showed as plain as day, that the body which was broken, was indeed the camera I was asking to be repaired.

Needless to say, I dropped the store like a hotcake and *never* shopped there again!

If you buy any gear from a store, remember the warranty card - could save you an awful lot of money and headaches should the gear ever fail you.