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    Think my Pentax is going to see more use than I thought.

    My main issue with it was that I'd have to wear eyeglasses to use the camera. A few days ago, I was at Kenmore Camera here in the Seattle area, and, out of curiousity, while searching for a Pentax -4 diopter in their bins, I tried a Nikon DK-5 eyepiece cover from an FG on the SV. Fit perfectly. So, the search began for a Nikon DK-10. Couldn't find one, but they mentioned that they had some Nikon DK-22's for the D60, etc. Got one for $4.93, including tax. Brought it home, and tried fitting it. Since the plastic is thicker, it didn't fit without a little bit of modification. But, after trimming the plastic tabs down enough, it slides on without problems.

    Tried the diopter and eyecup from my Nikon F on it. Focusing screen is tack sharp. I finally can focus the camera without needing my glasses. I do have to get out the Dremel and grind the bottom of the adapter down a little, so the film door will open and close without rubbing, but that's no big deal. I may have to get a flash bracket to use my Vivitar 285HV with the SV, but, I'll just wait for a decent Stroboframe QuickFlip 350 to come along at the local shops.

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    I made an eyepiece a while back using an eye cup for a Pentax and replacing the glass with a lens from reading glasses. This is for an M-series Pentax, ME Super. Not sure if the eye cup piece would fit an odler Pentax-



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