There are almost no limits to what you can slap onto the Olympus Pen D*g's with relatively decent results - I've seen many lovely, old cinematic lenses beautifully adapted to this camera and plan to try some out myself. Basically if you want it you can get it - and usually for pretty cheap. My next purchase (lens wise) for that one was designed for the Arriflex standard...

I drool now.

Alright, enough of my promotion of this camera - it's nice to be able to adapt lenses but I've also described in another thread that compared to the film cameras I've been working with of late it's still obviously a d*g* and therefore you have that pixel count limitation to work around...and I, personally, hate the way I end up working with 'non-film''s not nearly as pleasant an experience so I end up rushing my compositions and the end results are what they are. Oh how sad it is in these modern times - with any luck I'll stop investing in this dead-end pursuit that will undoubtedly end up with some sort of electronics failure. I'm just happy to be able to take a mediocre 'cam' and mod the hell out of it...I also feel a lot less concerned about wrecking this thing since they're at least still in production and have a definite shelf life (I would have never been as gutsy with my film equipment.)

My bottom line: it's nice to see great lenses being used, but I'd rather they be used with film.