Some of the ML lenses are quite exceptional and can rival their more illustrious Zeiss cousins; these are commanding ever higher prices. Specifically, the 15mm, 24mm, 55 1.2 Tomioka ML, and the 55 2.8 and the 100mm Macro ML lenses - even the revered 100 f4 Medical lens with the in-built ring-flash has a price that's going north again... Simple fact is, some of the Yashica glass is great to use with either film or digital media and the earlier lenses were still metal-bodied which boosts confidence in their longevity. I've sold quite a few of these lenses (I bought a lot of duplicates) on ebay over the last 2 years and the 24mm and macro lenses have tripled their sales price over this time. It was interesting to note that the buyers for the wide-angles were mostly Canon DSLR users and the macro lenses went largely to FourThirds togs. Not so many were being used by those with C/Y bodies sadly - sign of the times I guess.