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    I must talk in defense of Keh

    Quote Originally Posted by Mats_A View Post
    I discussed the camera with Mustonen & Laine, a repair shop in Helsinki, and they said that most likely the exp comp is stuck. Repair will run between 50 and 70€.
    Later I called KEH and they agreed to reimburse my CC the amount of the repair + shipping. So far looking good.


    Hi, I live in Colombia (but I'm italian). Used cameras here are usually real junk sold without any guarantee at all. I discovered Keh exactly an year from now and so far I bought from them:
    -a Nikon FA in mint conditions and working perfectly.
    -a simple prism for my Nikon F, also perfect.
    -a Nikkor 24mm AIS f2,8, really good.
    -a Vivitar 1-series 28-90mm also very good.
    -a Nikkor H (non-AI) AI modified also in excellent conditions.
    -a flash Vivitar 3900 also almost new.
    All this stuff has been sold to me at very good prices, better than on e-bay and everything really works great: if now there is some dent somewhere it's because I'm not a collector, just a Nikonholic and I give to all my cameras hard work every day. I certainly will go on buying from Keh and I recommend them to everybody. I understand that someone may have had bad experiences with them, but I always saw that if a camera doesn't work properly they write it in the description, so it's clear that they do check their cameras before selling them.

    Good light to all!

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    The exposure compensation dial is just a different index indicator on the film speed dial. Play with them a while and think about it, and you will realize how intimately they are related, to the extent that if you run the film speed out on one end, you lose compensation in that direction. You get the exact same results by changing either one.

    If the film speed is working, so is the exposure comp. It's not a big deal. I would guess that all that really happens is if the dial is turned off zero, it flicks a switch and the switch is stuck--a really small problem (though no less irritating, I would imagine).

    Really, look at it and think about what's going on--it's so simple--they don't even do things that directly anymore--and I thought their solution was quite clever, elegant, and completely direct (and never noticed the light on mine--maybe it's burned out or something on mine).

    I've bought a lot of stuff from KEH. They're fine about returns--it's like they don't really look at the function of stuff, and are OK with it when you discover something they missed. I just view it as part of dealing with them. On the other hand, where else can you buy, as I just did, a non-functional Nikon FG for $1.99? (I needed a wind lever, and they--wind levers--were $15 on Ebay).

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