I had said that I had thought the XK "a bit" bulky. Larger, heavier cameras are usually okay with me--within reason. I definitely do not like smaller, lighter cameras, but a Nikon F2 with a motor drive, for example, is just too huge and heavy (especially the drive, which looks like it is twice the size of the camera...and about as big as a small refrigerator). This is why I like the XE-7. It has some nice weight to it...but it lacks a drive or winder.

With regard to the AE-1, I had one briefly, but did not like the flashing (and distracting) "M" for manual mode. The A-1's display is very nice, but I have yet to find an A-series (AE-1, A-1, AE-1P) shutter release that was not "sticky." I had to press down quite hard in order to release the shutter. It seemed to me that it could induce camera shake in hand-held shots.