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    And why not a more exotic but still outstanding thing from East europe like a Zorki 4 or a good old zenith?
    Cameras and lenses are really damn cheap to buy, they probably all need a good servicing before using them but after that they are just outstanding cameras with really good lenses (The jupiter lenses for example are just crazy!)

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    If he wants to stick with his glass, my recommendation would be the FTb (or FTbN), the EF, or one of the F-1's, either the 1st generation F-1 or the 2nd generation F-1n. The New F-1, which some people here are calling the F-1n, is a bit limited in mechanical shutter speed range. Realize that most of the cameras use 625 style cells and may need to be converted to 1.5 volts, if you want to avoid using the Wein MB625's or the Criscam.com MR9 adapter. Also, if you're looking at an F-1, make sure that the slow speeds work. Came across one F-1 recently where 1 second was essentially "T" and 1/2 second was closer to 1 second. The other speeds worked fine.

    Now, if he wants something completely mechanical with no battery, there are a few options I know of.

    The Minolta SR series (not SRT)
    Pentax SL and the pre-Spotmatic bodies
    Nikon F eyelevel
    Nikon F2 eyelevel
    Nikkormat/Nikomat FS.

    None of those have built-in light meters. A Gossen Luna-Pro would be a good accessory for one of those and would be less ugly than the accessory meter that Pentax sold or the selenium cell meters that Nikon sold for the F before the Photomic finders came out. Realize that he would be using two different systems then. Therefore, it's probably best to stick with Canon, if he likes (or loves) his current lenses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kivis View Post
    Can anything beat a Nikon FM3a for manual and auto?

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    Not in my opinion....

    Of course, LF cameras are pretty manual
    John Bowen

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