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I have 4x OMPC/40's (don't ask!!), and they're quite solid metal construction. The rubber grips go quite horrid with age, and they chew through batteries like nothing I've seen - refusing to work point blank if they are dead. HOWEVER, they are an excellent little camera for photographing theatrical performance, so I've used them for work quite a bit (couple hanging 'round my neck with different OM prime lenses), shooting at 3200, the fancy 80's "ESP" metering is dead on, particularly in theatrical environments that are mostly black with bright highlights. Even though I have my fancy EOS 1v, I've hung on to these - they are rugged, black, and useful.


I had OM-2 and OM-2n s back in the 1980s. Wonderful cameras based on design/features. But... my 3 were terribly unreliable. New batteries would go flat with no warning...ending the shoot. Olympus optics are second to none... but the OM-2s were a huge disappointment. I bought a OM-PC last year and loved it, but sold it as it was out of my system.