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    TopCat, I understand that everything has been said and done, but still this thread is very appealing to me as you picked up the two cameras that I decided to keep (along with an older Nikkormat) when I basically reselled all my exceeding small format gear of mixed brands.

    The FM2 was a long-time dreamed camera, way before internet, the digital thing, ebay etc. When I first saw it in the brochures, I thought it was the final developement stage for an evoluted amateur's 35mm camera, and I still think it is. It looked terrific. Compact and magnificent. I was also amazed and pleased, in the years following, by how long it stayed in Nikon's product range. An absolute must have (and thus must keep) for me. I also second your sentiments about the fact that it has been used by respected photographers to take great pictures. That's part of the game, at least according to me.

    I also purchased (and then kept) the FE2 because one of my very first cameras was the Yashica FX-D Quartz and I wanted some kind of quick aperture-priority 35mm with electronic shutter and built-in extra long times that I used to use a lot when a younger. The FE2 really fits those needs and could use all the lenses I already had for the FM2. A great camera overall, you won't be disappointed. I suggest you to go out at night with a tripod and make good use of the very sensitive meter and wonderful electronic shutter. You'll get outstanding results very conveniently.

    So I kept those two in the end. "One body for B/W and one body for colour", just to convince myself that I really needed both.

    When the FM3 came out I thought it was fantastic news and I ran to the shops to try it. However, I was very disappointed. Overall it had a plasticky feel, there was also something wrong with the speed knob (perhaps it was made of titanium, but still it felt made with recycled plastic) and the window in the back was an open door to disasters if I ever saw one. Actually the whole back seemed very fragile and made of poor materials (perhaps it was not, but so it seemed). Also the italicized Nikon new logo on the front looked awful when compared to the classic FM/FE flyer. So I decided, with no regrets at all, to leave it on the shelf, and still I do not regret it.

    Enjoy your FE2, it really has a terrific shutter/lightmeter combo!
    I know a chap who does excellent portraits. The chap is a camera.
    (Tristan Tzara, 1922)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumalite View Post
    So this; after all seems to be a fashion statement after all from the OP:
    "Being a digital Nikon user with a fair share of Nikkor lenses I've since then (and even before that) lusted for the FM2, among several reasons being that so many great photographers seem to like to be portrayed with this particular camera, and stories of how it used to be a kind of a press photographers favourite in the eighties and nineties."

    Lacamera of the 80': F3HP

    Lacamera od the 90': FM3A
    This is not mine.
    " A loving and caring heart is the beginning of all knowledge " ~ Thomas Carlyle ~

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    So maybe film cameras are appealing to "hipsters" (a word I can't say with a straight face, sorry, it sounds so dated). I for one think that's great. And apt. Film cameras are cool. Retro is cool. Things that everyone doesn't have are cool. I've seen window displays for very high end clothing stores showing manual cameras on their mannequins. Who cares why someone wants to try film? All reasons are good. Why not try to broaden the base of users?

    I hope you enjoy your FE2 and create some other new converts.


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    [opens mouth with the intention of stating some vague point of already being a 35mm SLR and medium format user for several years then stops in the middle of the first syllable understanding that further discussion will only hurt earlier stated cause while then trying to get away with saying it anyway through a rationalized describtion of percieved hypothetically physical reaction to former post]

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