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    Is a Foba mini superball overkill for a 35mm with 200mm lens?

    I use an old ME Super, which has no mirror lockup, on a Manfrotto 190 with a Uniloc 30 ball head. The 190 is fairly old and has a central column without any of the modern bells and whistles, which means it clamps down perfectly tight. I am thinking of upgrading the head to a Foba mini superball with basic Balli screw mount, as the Uniloc droops by about the diameter of the splitscreen prism in my ME viewfinder when I have the M 200mm on it.

    I am wondering whether this is going to fix the drooping, or whether the ME Super's body is responsible (I can't believe it is, as its constructed from steel). I am also wondering whether the Foba will somehow reveal increased sharpness due to its 50% greater mass than the Uniloc, larger ball, and solid plate, as the Uniloc has a padded plate whereas the Foba will be solid metal. I dont care about scratching the bottom of my camera, and guess that direct metal on metal contact will increase the rigidity of the system.

    Another thought, would spikes increase the rigidity of the system? Manfrotto make some to fit my tripod legs. I can also pay a local machinist to just fabricate a new screw mount plate for the current ball head. When I try to force the head to move, I cannot see any movement in the ball at all. It can only be the soft pad under the base of the camera which allows movement. A new plate would cost about GBP 20 for them to machine, whereas a new Foba head will be about 5 to 10 times as much.

    Any advice appreciated, provided it supports the gear buying addiction.
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