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    Quote Originally Posted by Two23 View Post
    You must be using Bogen/Manfrotto quick release plates. Get rid of them.
    Since I dislike all-encompassing dogmatic statements and agreeing with Wotalegnd, I screwed a Manfrotto quick release plate to my F2 with 180mm ED and tried it on my tripod: as expected (and as previously posted), rock solid in all positions.

    Just to go a bit overboard, I tried the same test with my Pentax 6x7 and 300mm (3.5 kg vs the 1.64 kg of the F2 + 180 combo): also rock solid (though it would slip if I pushed the lens down with a certain amount of force).

    So for my uses, I *won't* be getting rid of my Manfrotto quick release plates....
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    It is a heavy lens. I have that lens attached to an F3 with the MD4 drive, that is a really heavy combination and does test any tripod mount.

    The best advice I can suggest is to put something slightly soft between the tripod base and the camera/drive body. This allows you to tighten quite hard, gives you a miniscule cushion/insulation between the tripod mount and the camera/drive surfaces, which in turn, virtually stops movement. I use a thin piece of rubber, 1.5mm thick, this made life easier.

    I myself use mainly 50mm ball joints with a 50mm circular plate, 25 + year old Benbo ball joints to be specific.

    I did try about 17 odd years ago to find a rotating collar mount for this lens as I was using it a real lot, no luck then. The lens itself has virtually no room to place a collar, unfortunately.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wotalegend View Post
    This may be a result of your experience, but otherwise where is the justification for such a statement? I don't believe that the OP identified his/her tripod gear by brand.

    I have just done some quick tests with my Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod with 486RC2 ball head with quick release plate:
    Test #1 - Nikon F100 with 180/2.8 - rock solid in all positions
    Test #2 - Nikon F5 with 300/4 (not using the lens's built-in tripod mount) - still quite steady
    Test #3 - Mamiya 645 with 210/4 - (probably a bit lighter than the F5/300 combo) - still no movement.

    Admittedly I was testing on a level surface with no wind, but uneven surface or strong wind would test any tripod/head combo.
    Amen. I use the same head/plate combo for 35mm. The 180/2.8 isn't massive. No slippage with a Mamiya 645. Ironically, things can shift a bit with the 180/2.8+PN-11 extension tube but that's caused more by the teensy contact area on the tube which has its own tripod collar. Massive plate/head combos can be expensive overkill. The RC2 plate did give up with a Mamiya RB67--which was asking too much--but the larger Manfrotto hex plate held fast.

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    Thanks, everyone! I now have lots of suggestions to try out.

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