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Thread: Lens oddity

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    Lens oddity

    I have a 400mm f/5.6 soligor that has a strange effect on my Olympus cameras. Both the OM-1 and the OM-10 metering say the exposure should be one thing which I know is way off, like TX in bright sun light at 1/5 at f/5.6!!!!! So just for the heck of I shot two shots on each camera On the OM-1 one at the metered setting and one at my best guess 1/250 at f/11 open shadows And the same with the OM-10 One in the manual mode and one in the auto mode 1/5 at f/5.6
    On the OM-1 manual camera, which is on it’s way to KEH for overhaul, the 1/5 exposure was obviously grossly over exposed. But oddly enough on the OM-10 the auto exposure 1/5 at 5./6 matched in density if not in sharpness the manual shot at 1/250 at f/11.???? Since it was a bargain lens from KEH for only $30 I really didn’t expect much although the lens is in excellent condition. And when used in manual mode just fine. Never ran into lenses having strange effects on the metering cells of cameras. My Olympus lenses are dead on. As I only use the 400 once or twice a year,, getting an Olympus 400 is out of the question Pretty much rules out through the lens metering though.
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    Like as not it is a problem with the lever on the lens that communicates the maximum or the set aperture setting to the camera, or the lever on the camera that accepts that information, or the interface between the two.

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