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There are offering from both Kodak and Fuji which are known to perform well in mixed flourescent and daylight situations. I believe that the Porta films have this feature as does Reala and other Fuji offerings. I think one of the things that will require a lot of attention is to make certain that the over-head nature of the flourecent lights does not leave you with dark eye sockets.

Nicole, if possible, I would visit the site with a person and a gray card and expose a test roll of Porta 400 VC for instance, exposed with and without a FLD filter and have it printed and see how the photos look. As far as B&W is concerned the very soft nature of flourescent lighting may call for some added development of the film.
I think Claires' suggestion is a very sound one, if you are able to get to the location before you shoot, you can see in practice what sort of colour balance you will get.