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Thread: Minolta SRT 200

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    Check out cameraleather.com I have used their products on several cameras and it looks good. The most recent was red snake skin for a Konica TC that I picked up dirt cheap with a bunch of lenses and it looks fabulous. They have a cover that is know as Minolta black that has good texture close to factory and is really grippy.

    I have a soft spot for the pre MC lenses and have started collecting them. They can have a real creamy quality to them as well as being pin sharp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brofkand View Post
    I've already replaced the light seals (they were totally gone), and got a Wein battery. Meter works perfectly. Shutter speeds are accurate. A testament to how well the camera was taken care of: it was found in a consignment shop inside a classic 70's camera bag. The filters in the bag were still in their case wrapped in their original plastic. The manual, bill of sale of all repairs, even the original UPS shipping label was in the bag.

    I am looking to replace the leather soon as well. Still debating if I want a cheap pleather or if I want to go with a nice sheet of leather.

    I want this camera to look like the day it came out of Minolta's factory. The only thing wrong with it are two very small dents in the top plate. No idea how to get rid of those.
    The only possible problem with cameras this old is petroleum-based lube which can get sticky. Never a problem in my old SRT. Don't sweat the small dents. Enjoy.

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