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    Quote Originally Posted by CGW View Post
    Bought 2 X-700s a couple years ago. Both died within a year. Both in mint- shape. Glad they were cheap. Plasticky junk relative to the old heavy metal SRT series.

    Funny but none of my stable of Nikon bodies ever dropped dead in their tracks like that.
    Actually the X700 is a relative to the XG series not the SRT.
    The 370 and 570 are only stripped down X700s.
    As much as I like Minolta I have to agree about the 700 being a plasticy camera,I recall when it came out,looked at one and knew then that it was over for Minolta.
    This was when I shifted my attention to Nikon.

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    You can also find the capacitors at Digikey and Mouser

    Random selection, didn't check for size...

    If someone can post measurements of the size of the cavity in the camera ... the one above is 6.3mm dia, 5mm long, 2mm lead spacing.

    If you can fit something larger in there then a 105C, 6.3V long-life capacitor with a higher current rating may be a better choice, but then you may have to fork over 49 cents rather than the 22 cents asked for the above. Obviously, if it fails as often as it seems to, the capacitor is overstressed/underspecified. The ones sold by Microtools don't appear to be high reliability parts, just a 1:1 replacement for what was there originally - though that may be the best one can get that will fit in the space available.
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    I have had a X-700 since 1986.

    I bought my first X-700 in '86 and last I ran a roll of film through it was two months ago. It jammed up last year and I took off the top and a spring around the wind lever fell out. I couldn't see where it went so left it off. It works fine without it. I did replace a cap in one of my other X-700's but it was not the problem. They also have another cap that is supposed to be replaced under the top. I didn't want to do that, and good thing as I realized that was probably not the problem anyway as it was wound part way. I sold it on ebay for parts. The 500 is a little better in that you can take slower than 1/60 shots with the flash I think. (You can with the X-700 too if the flash doesn't set the shutter speed.) If my Minolta's died today they would not owe me a cent. They have paid for themselves both in memories and in doing a few weddings. I did always carry them in a nice case and didn't let them bang around, but to call them junk is a little much. My first one is 25 years old. Ric.
    P.S. I have always wound and tripped the shutter in my cameras when I haven't used them for a month or so. That keeps the caps working. I think many cameras fell to work because people let them sit for a year and then they don't work. That is like those ads you see on CL where the sellers says, "it worked last time I used it." Meaning when his college aged son was in diapers.

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    I bought my first X-700 25 years ago and shot everything from weddings to architectural to macro with no problems. When our first child came along my wife wanted me to get a better job that payed regular and had benefits so the 700 was sold and I regretted it for years. A few years ago my daughter expressed an interest in photography so I went to a pawn shop and picked up several cameras cheap. The X-370 worked flawlessly so I gave it to my daughter but the 700 had the shutter problem, I sent it to Garry's and he did a complete CLA for the $45 price and it has worked flawlessly eversince. In two years I would have to say that I have run about 500 rolls of film through this camera and have built up a fairly complete system for macro and architectural, that includes 35/2,8 tilt shift and a tilt shift bellows. I don't have every lens that Minolta made some because I have yet to find them and others because they are so close together focally it doesn't make sense such as having a 17 and a 21mm. I have recently started collecting the pre-MC lenses and the ones I have so far are gorgeous when it comes to the prints. Tack sharp with creamy bokeh.

    My advice, get it cheap and send it to Garry, you will never be sorry.
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