I guess my self-introduction was a bit short.
To be a good communicator you need to know:
1) what you wanna say
2) who your audience are
Well, I didn't speak to a photographer in many years. But you are a welcoming crowd and that's encouraging. What I wanted to say? - well, I had that website I created eight years ago with pictures 10-20 years old. I lived in Moscow at that time. Then I moved to Toronto and was busy practicing my principle #1 (see the website). Don't think I can really call myself a photographer, even a hobbyist.
But in 2007 out of the blue I bought a 4x5 Toyo in addition to my collection of ancient wooden boxes. I took it on a trip to introduce her to the world. I took her to a taoist temple in China and to a zen monastery in Japan. (Though I took only two pictures with her there). I guess it's getting serious. I feel I miss the darkroom and the smell of a developer and a fixer. Hope APUG forum will be stimulating for me in my endeavour and I hope I will have some experience and a story or two, and, possibly, new pictures to share with you.