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Thread: New member ...

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    The term "Photography" is pretty broad around here. Perhaps if you would give a more descriptive example of the types of photographs that you are interested in making, someone could suggest the best direction to go in choosing the proper equipment and materials. Many fine examples of a wide variety of work, (Color and B&W, 35mm to Ultra Large format, Portrait to Landscape), can be found in the APUG galleries.
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    hi, im new too in apug.
    about the camera and what u want...
    well first of read, read here it is a great place. step by step u wil understand what is it all about. ask questions. i think u can find here planty of helfull comments.
    the camera depends on what u want to do. i wouldnt recomened zoon any way. my recomendation is a normal lense. that means (in my opinion at least) =
    1. a 50mm lense if u want to be more solid in perspective. if u work indoors i consider this focal lebght to be normal.
    2. 35mm lense if u want to open a space a bit. that can be normal outdoors since the sesnse of space outdoors is diifernt.
    the main think is to study visualizing your photos. u cannot do it with zoom. u have to study working with a normal lense. then a dasy will come and u will know what other lense u do want.start working yourself and look others works trying to understand how they are made and what u like. study masters. it is always important.
    about the camera body - i guees u r talking about the 35mm format. there is a choice of slr and rangefinder. which one??? for my self i do have answer (35mm - rangefinder) but u have to think what is best for u. if u imagine yourself seeing something, focusing, framing and clicking to maek a photo then this is a rangefinder. this si not point and shoot. actually u have to be more expirieanced with your visualization here since what u see through the viewfinder of rf camera is almost identical with what u see with the naked eye. u dont see what is going to be on the film - u have to sense it. this photography is called by many intuitive with mental involvement.
    the slr - u see through the viewfinder aproximatly what u gonna see on the film. but when u look through it u loose the sense of what is out of the viewfinder = u loose the visual contact with what inspired u.
    find out more about the cameras and their utilities. again, this is a good place to study and good luck.

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