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    hi kelly

    great stuff!
    have fun


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    Really nice stuff, Kelly. The whole photo/paint thing has had me intrigued for years, but I've never seen it done the way you do it. Congrats, and welcome to APUG

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    Quote Originally Posted by leliopheli View Post
    Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone!

    Ray - could you pass on some examples of other people who do this sort of process? I haven't been able to find many people who do, and it'd be nice to contact them and learn about their process.
    Unfortunately, they are not very acessible.
    One is Phil Robbins. (See pp. 55-56 of Silver Gelatin by Martin Reed).
    I tried to contact him through Martin but never got anywhere. I was also unable to locate Phil through other means as well.

    There are many people like youreself (young, in school) that do this but they come and go... I have a file on artists using liquid emulsons and at one time I kept it up to date, but I was unable to keep tabs on evey one, buy their books etc. there were too many... but I still am interested. Anyone who works
    with liquid emulsions and wants to send me a few of their exhbition announcements please contact me.

    I was a founding member of one such group actually...

    I really don' t know anyone who would be fun to stay in contact with...
    but you might look at Rockland Colloid's website for Liquid Light... they used to have a gallery there where users could put up their pictures, and you could see who was doing what... and now, you probably could find countless people by searching:
    "artist" + "photographic emulsion" + painting + exhibtion

    I believe there are a good number right here as well...
    You might start a thread like this one, for people interested in mixed media.

    I try to stay on top of everythng having to do with liquid emulsions but that has become an impossible task.

    Why don't you look around a bit then come back and if nothing else we can chit-chat about whose work we like and who's we don't!

    I would love to see some new things... my appetite is larger than my bio clock is clueless.

    I am sorry I can't suggest anyone to actually communicate with...
    In the mean time, will I do?

    I can scan you pictures of exhibition noticies and things like that.

    Feel free to PM me with exhibition info etc. as well.

    BTW, you might want to try Rockland's other emulsons... Liquid Light was a very slow emulsion designed for use by people who often did not have access to a proper darkroom.

    They also offer a faster one that may be more like what you are used to.
    (I have not tried it)


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    Welcome Kelly, you're very talented! I like to add transparent paint to some of my photos but I'm not so creative, as you are.
    "Pictures are not incidental frills to a text; they are essences of our distinctive way of knowing." Stephen J. Gould

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