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    Thanks guys - Just to respond to a couple of points in particular:

    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Walrath View Post
    Take two rolls and call us in the morning.
    35mm or 120 - Applied externally, or taken internally ?
    If the latter, orally or.... :rolleyes:

    Sitting a darkened room hasn't helped..

    Quote Originally Posted by sly View Post
    Errr....foothills of Norfolk? Isn't the highest spot about 300 feet? North coast near Cromer.

    I'll be in that area this fall. Maybe we can get together and go mountain climbing. I'll show you my camera, if you'll show me yours!
    Highest point in these parts would be Ketts Heights at 6400". Perhaps we could organise an autumn field trip (anyone for a combined APUG/CAMRA bash ?). But I'll only bring two cameras (well, maybe three, but no more).

    Quote Originally Posted by jordanstarr View Post
    I think that if you're always looking at gear you're not happy with your photographs. This could be because you can't appreciate your own work, but it might also be because you need to refine your shooting style and quality.
    Your first sentence is probably closer to the truth than you think - Most of what I've shot I'm not happy with for one reason or another. Poor exposure, badly developed, or just crap subject matter.

    Here's one I did earlier:

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    Yes, that would probably have been better if shot with a Linhoff
    On a more serious matter I think I know the feeling and I have been through the same thing. But in my case the new darkroom I'm building has taken my mind of GAS
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