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    Gregg Brekke's Avatar
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    May 2004
    Springboro, OH
    8x10 Format

    Greetings from Ohio

    Hello All,

    I’ve been lurking for a while so it is about time to introduce myself.

    I have been a photographer, with varying degrees of activity, for about 20 years now – starting as a high school photojournalist. There is a “real” job in digital printing getting in the way of full time photography but I do take on portrait, travel, commercial and event jobs as time permits. Not ready to switch careers yet, but these assignments almost pay for the habit. The work that is most important to me is all analog.

    My primary “personal” work is making portraits with the 8x10. I especially enjoy capturing something essential about a person in the picture - whether that is humor, sadness, longing, fear, etc. The interplay between two people in a studio portrait is something I am beginning to explore. Almost everyone who comes to our house ends up sitting for me. So when you are in Ohio stop on in.

    My main camera is a Tachihara 8x10 with a Fuji SW 250mm/f6.3. I just picked up a Rolleiflex Xenar TLR for the portability. There is also a Leica IIIc in my bag at all times.

    The darkroom is a converted spare bathroom in the basement – ventilation and plumbing supplied, no windows and my wife even encouraged it! Omega B-22 enlarger, PF contact printing frame and a homemade plywood sink over the tub. PMK Pyro for J&C Classic 200 and LPD for Agfa MC Classic 111.

    Finally, (ok, I’m ready for the heat) I shoot with a Canon 10D for children and events. Getting kids and groups to sit still while working the 8x10 takes more time and patience than clients are usually willing to pay for… The good new is that more and more portrait clients are paying REALLY GOOD money for hand printed B&W – so the 8x10 (and once I get the hang of it, the Rolleiflex) is getting more use for paying work.

    This seems like a great community of photographers – glad to be part of it,
    Gregg Brekke

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    Eric Rose's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    Calgary AB, Canada
    4x5 Format
    Thanks for "coming out" Gregg. I look forward to seeing some of your analog work. Boy using an 8x10 for portraits, you must be very patient.

    "civility is not a sign of weakness" JFK

    "The Dude abides" - the Dude



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