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The guys at Blue Moon Camera might be able to refer you to a lab.
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Welcome, and I've heard good things about Blue Moon Camera!
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Welcome to APUG. Citizen's photo (http://www.citizensphoto.com/) is quite reasonable, and
do c-41 and E-6 in most formats. For optical prints, Blue Moon is famous. Both have nice collections of
used film equipment.
I love Blue Moon, i'm going to take some negs there pretty soon to have them printed, i dig that they're the only place in Oregon that uses an optical printer still!

Blue Moon and Quickstop Photo have a pretty tight relationship (it seems), they mix and match special orders with each other, eg. If you need scanning blue moon mails to quickstop. Blue moon's optical printing machine actually used to be quickstop's. Found that out yesterday when i was there

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Welcome, F/1.4
The folks here are a real bunch. I would also second Citizen's photo. They use dip and dunk processors, which in my book is the best way to go. The guys there are real nice too!

I have a roll of 120 there right now and I had some scanning done not too long ago, I made a thread about it (http://www.apug.org/forums/forum40/9...-noritsus.html). I asked for the Hi-Res scans but they weren't too impressive. I had quickstop do some scans of some Pan F 50 on their noritsu the other day and they looked much better.

My goal is to get 2 real nice 35mm and 645 color frames and have Pro Photo, Citizens, and Quickstop do scans of them. The 35mm i'll also have Ritz do just to get some fuji flavor in there.