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Welcome from Cheshire,

You must be nuts if you can live here in the NW without yomping agonisingly over miles and miles of hills and standing in freezing cold sleet on the side of a mountain. Whats wrong with you man!

I can relate. I have young kids and they probably wonder why Mummy doesn't have a black nose with glass inserted in the end like Daddy does.

If you do ever wish to try landscapes, look me up! I promise not to raise religion, politics or leicas.

I was nuts and I did yomp agonisingly over miles of hills in my yoof. That's probably why my knees are knackered I did 'do' landscape photography for many years, but much of the time the inspiration wasn't forthcoming. To be honest (and I know this is going to sound so corny), I reckon it was just a preparation for the altogether more enjoyable obsession of photographing my son. Blimey! opinionated or what!! Regards, BLIGHTY.