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    Straneg reading of Hokusai

    OK, I know he was not a photographer, but there is a link

    I have put together the poster for Quinni' Kids Club Family Pinhole Photography Day, listed with WPPD, for which I am annual dark room worker as I don't allow kids into my darkroom, actually I allow almost no one into my darkroom

    In one of the first drafts I used a detail from Hokusai's One Hundred Views of Mt Fuji, the one where a pinhole image is shown on a wall-screen thing

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WPPD.Hokusai.crop.jpg 
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    Viewed as a heavily cropped detail the image suddenly suggested a man worshiping the view through a woman's thighs - I put it here to show how easy wrong readings are, or are they wrong?

    Anyway, the poster ended up with a pic from last year's Quinninup Pinhole Day, the reason being that the Hokusai was considered too obscure by the QKC coordinator

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	qkcSam1.jpg 
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Size:	92.1 KB 
ID:	47296

    PS - WPPD is on the 29th of April this year and is a chance for everyone to return to basics for a day

    PPS - Anyone in WA reading this who has any old/broken 120 cameras that can be donated to the QKC for conversion to pinhole cameras please contact me - Milo can cameras loose their charm after a while

    PPPS - This thread is opened to see how images are read by different people, not as an avenue to the sort of silliness that occurred on the Lewis Carroll thread
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