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"People shop at Wall Mart, people buy fake Guccis and Louis Vuittons, people pirate software, people steal music, people eat at fast food joints, etc... People today don't care or want or pay for quality. They're sick of quality.

Quality is for the elite. The people want cheap."

Well worth repeating. But I would add: if one want to make living from photography, at first look do your client carry an i-pod along? Make a habit to choose your clients, and if you are good no problem. Three billions of moving two laged creatures do not means the same number of people. This is heavily overpopulated place.

One more think: you have to learn marketing stuff even you deal with film. Art of any business in America is do not talk about money with customer, but kill for money sake. And also have well prepared speech to customer what is advantages of film made prints over digital, advertise wise, and you have an "as" in your hands so use it wisely.
I tried to translate this in Google. No dice. Could someone tell me what this means?