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    Photographer and inventor of the VPan, Chet Hanchett has Passed Away

    We're sad to say that a close friend,
    Chet Hanchett passed away on Tuesday, November 21st.
    Although Chet was first a customer of ours
    his gregarious personality and creative spirit quickly made him a close friend!

    Chet was a passionate friend and inspiration
    to many in the photographic community and will be sorely missed by all.
    Always ready for the next adventure,
    the photograph below was taken by Chet on a recent trip to Greece:

    Our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.
    We'll pass your thoughts, fond memories and condolences
    to Chet's surviving Wife Marilyn.
    With a heavy heart,
    Seth and Laura
    Camera Eccentric
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    Good Evening, Chet and Laura,

    I'm sorry to hear the news. I can't claim that I ever actually knew Chet, but I did meet him once, perhaps fifteen years ago, when Webster University opened an exhibit featuring stock work from Photographic Resources. At the time, I was selling a few photos through that agency as was Chet. I can only recall having a brief discussion with him about the equipment he was developing and trying to get on the market. He impressed me as innovative and hard-working.




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