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    I don't know the man or care about his personal matters, other than I hope he is well. But then again I hope everyone is well and no one suffers unnecessarily.

    I do know that he was vocal and not afraid to speak his mind and stood by what he said. If he rubbed people the wrong way who cares, he has integrity for at least speaking his mind instead of running with the herd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Rose View Post
    Why do you find it so hard to express or feel any type of compassion without knowing the details?
    Unfortunately, I deal best with facts dealt straight up in the real world and I certainly feel compassion regularly. Nobody needs or wants the details but a generic "I cannot practice photography so I will not be around any more" statement is rather self serving and falls far short in this instance. We are all big people here that have experienced all the positive and negative that comes with this experience called life. If he does not feel a need to reach out for whatever reason to those who he has befriended irrespective of past differences then I hope he finds someone to share his tribulations with because nobody is capable of carrying the world on their shoulders for very long.


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