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Cheers Ole, the information is appreciated. What would you expect his process would've been? the image I'm looking at is 11.4 x 8.6cm dated 1877-1878. Any information on the process used then would be great. What would he have been using? glass plates? Contact printed? I'm obviously not as clued up on archaic techniques! I'm interested in the length of exposures. One of the guys in the photo has a basket balanced on his head. I don't know how long he could've kept that still.
Glass plates, certainly. At that time, most likely dry plates especially since he didn't work in a studio!

The Woodburytype is a special printing process where a lead relief was formed by pressing it at very high pressure onto a positive film image developed with a hardening developer. This creates a relief image in the lead block, which is then used as a printing plate with dyed gelatin. The images have continuous tones unlike just about every other printing method. A Google search brings up a lot more information!

How long could he have kept a basket still on his head? All day, every day, all year. Ask any woman in the African countryside...