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    Thanks, PVia and Andrew A. for the kind words about my site. It's very new, and photographs are being added at least weekly. I'm glad you found it and the link to Mathias's site.

    Mathias brought Brett to Hawaii for the first time and I helped him put together the "Brett Weston Visual Retreat." People who were there still remember it and really seemed to enjoy it.

    You should also check out Mathias's Mount St. Helens work. He and I were staying at my folk's place in Oregon when he made that treck with the scientists into the crater, and the new dome erupted while they were in there. They had to hide in an ice cave for awhile because there were some volkswagon sized rocks coming down. Mathias came back to the house covered with ash and grinning from ear to ear. Brett called him the "mad dutchman." When Brett broke his foot, Mathias came over to the big island and took care of him while he was on crutches. Even on crutches, though, Brett kept on photographing.

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