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    Freeman Patterson Interview

    Freeman is a Canadian photographer who has written some great books (beginning-to-mid amateur level) and is a good photographer to boot. In the last book of his I read, he said that film will always be his preferred medium of expression, even if he can't use it all the time.

    Hour long interview at his farm in Atlantic Canada, worth listening to.

    Once a photographer is convinced that the camera can lie and that, strictly speaking, the vast majority of photographs are "camera lies," inasmuch as they tell only part of a story or tell it in a distorted form, half the battle is won. Once he has conceded that photography is not a "naturalistic" medium of rendition and that striving for "naturalism" in a photograph is futile, he can turn his attention to using a camera to make more effective pictures.

    Andreas Feininger

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    Thanks. Just a few days ago I picked up a remaindered copy of 'The Garden' for $2 at Coles. I already have an autographed copy, so this will be a Christmas gift.

    Kind of a funny story: I attended a talk and slide show of his at Edwards Gardens in Toronto about 6/7 years ago, which of course blew everyone away. Getting to the Q&A, several attendees jumped to the mic and begged him to say what kind of camera he uses, but he was reluctant. It went something like this:

    "Oh, they're all the same" said Patterson
    No, no, we want to know what you use!
    "It doesn't matter...they're all pretty much alike"
    Oh, please, you're a pro, so you know the good ones..
    "Well, if you must know, I use a Minolta that's about 25 years old..."
    Silence. Let down. But then the band strikes up again,
    Well, what kind of film do you use? That's the secret!
    "Whatever is on sale." he replied.

    I'd say some of us learned something out of that.
    Considerably AWOL at the present time...

    Archive/Blog: http://davidwilliamwhite.blogspot.com



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