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    Denis Dailleux -- Photographs in Cairo

    I was watching the French news this evening, and saw a short cultural piece on the French photographer Denis Dailleux showing his photographs in Cairo. What struck me -- in addition to the content -- was the color palette in his photographs. They looked almost like SX-70 in a way.

    One link I found says he shot some with a Mamiya C330 on Fuji 400 film. He had won a Hasselblad prize at one point, so I thought perhaps he was using a Hassy, but somehow the photos seem less sharp than what I'd expect from a Zeiss lens -- not that Mamiya TLR lenses are not sharp.

    Anyway, I was struck by his photographs, so thought I'd share. You can google Denis Dailleux and get lots of links, including to his own website. Here's an article in which he describes his background and shows some pictures:


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    Thanks for posting, I've been using this camera and film combination for a long time and find for the type of work I do mainly people pictures it's ideal, although I admit the Mamiya C lenses are not the Worlds sharpest, or most contrasty, I do love the results I get with them, and it makes me realize that for portrait photography biting sharpness can be a drawback especially for female portraits, and I have never had any complaints about the sharpness of my images of my freelance work. The mechanical simplicity of TLRs really appeals to me without the complexity of the linkages of interchangeable back Medium format SLR s have that internet photography forums are full of posts from these days by people having problems with them.
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