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Dad drank (WWII), my cousin turned to religion after the Vietnam trip. Dad made it thru the various stages, cousin went missing in the mountains of So Cal a small number of months ago. Sucks.

Hang in there, and use the resources that have finally been made available to our vets. Even though they don't always work as well as we wish, bottling them up inside doesn't seem to work as well.
My father was an infantry officer in WW11 for six and a half years and saw combat in Burma, landed in Normandy on D Day and fished up at the end of the war in North Germany he had terrible problems with what they call these days "post traumatic stress" when he got out of the army but in those days the medical profession just told you to "pull yourself together and get on with it", and it wasn't much better in my day in the early 1960s, although he's a brave man and I greatly admire his work McCullum didn't have to kill anyone in hand to hand combat with a trench knife !.