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    I made this gadget to make duplicate dental x-rays about 40 years ago and it still works fine. It could be used for contact printing as well. All you need are a couple of items from a hardware store and Radio Shack plus a piece of plywood. The timer could be optional. The whole thing should cost very little and is easy to store.

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    I do it in my laundry room, on the floor, sitting on a rug with trays around me (not even using a table). As a light source, I have a 15W bulb I picked up at the hardware store; trays are cat litter boxes ("almost" new). The bulb hangs from the ceiling, I use the kitchen timer, never check the temperature (my basement is always more or less at the same temperature). I have some cardboard on the windows which I duct taped a long time ago.

    I lay the paper and negative (in printfile sheets) on the floor, put a piece of glass on top, turn the light on for 3 seconds, and that's about it, develop for 1 minute, stop for 10 sec, fix for 30 sec, then wash under the running water for not so long.

    Works great, no enlarger, good results, very quick setup, cheap and great.

    I don't use formalux or stuff like that, just ilford multigrade RC, much easier to find and cheap. Eco-pro as a developer (1+9) and prepare 500ml of soup or so.
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    May I ask, is there contact print frame available for 6x9 to print on 10x15cm? I am thinking to pick up Agfa Record soon....

    I can print using thick boro-silicate glass, but a frame will be very hand.
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    IMHO A Printfile proofer and a used small format enlarger off Craig's are worth the investment. I used to just use a heavy piece of glass and bare light bulb " Weston Style" but didn't enjoy it as much. A string of red led Christmas lights suffices for a safelight these days (GE Guide lamps ---plug in nite lights--2 on a card for less than a buck) served me well for decades.) A old Kodak exposure guide will save time but you can use a piece of paper like they taught you in High School. I think Delta makes a Kodak type exposure guide these days. If you don't have timer I've been told you can get pretty good using a metronome, or metronome app.

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