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    Contact proofs from oversized printfile pages

    I'm on a contact printing kick lately and want to go back and make contact print proofs of some old negatives, and I'm also about to contact proof some 6x7 negatives I just finished printing. I'm trying to decide which printfile pages to order. I'm thinking that I would most like the one that holds four rows of three 6x7 negatives each. Has anyone used these and been able to make a complete or near complete contact sheet from them? I'm also going to get some of Ilfords 8.5X11 paper to give me a little more room. Also, can you fit the six row of 6 frame 35mm pages on an 8.5x11? I'm ok to lose the top where I write on the print file just want to get most of the images on there and try to keep a whole roll of negatives in each negative holder. Though I guess I could always just remove them and print under the glass without the print file.

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    Use 11x14 paper and trim it down.

    Ilford cuts b/w multigrade RC paper into 10" and 12" wide rolls(250' or 500') for minilabs that use b/w paper in their machines. B&H has a 10-20 minimum order qty, so if you can get a roll from a lab, that way you can cut your own 10x12 sized sheets from the roll. I did that for a while when I was shooting a lot of 6x7 b/w. 10x12" is pretty much the perfect size for 6x7 rolls sleeved in the Printfile pages.




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