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Michael has made you a better offer than I can make but I would certainly like to test the film. Just yesterday I did a comparison test of some modern AZO #2 and #3 papers with some AZO #2 and #3 from 1946. This evening I will run the curves and eventually post them in the technical gallery. I was pretty much stunned at how good the old paper was. I would love to be able to include the 1925 paper in the comparison. If interested send me a PM at sanking@clemson.edu.

Hi Sandy:

I have about 250 sheets of AZO vintage 12/76. Any opinions on AZO from from that crop? Mature, yet perky with solid oaky flavors and a hint of clove?

I also have a 1977 Croft Vintage Port. Drinkable?

"RC? I ain't printin' on no #$#%^^& RC! If anyone prints on #$#%^^& RC, I'm leaving!"


P.S. Nooooooooooooo, Michael, you can't have the AZO! Not the port, either.