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Thread: AZO help!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by avandesande
    Don't make it more difficult than it has to be. Just hang a bulb, put out some trays, and get started. Thick glass works fine for a contact printer and will cost you 5$. If you are concerned about amidol wear gloves.
    I second this completely !!!

    Don't get fancy - my printer is a chunk of board and a bit of glass with the paper and negative between them - my support for the print "frame" is a board across the toilet seat - my light source is a 10W halogen desk lamp about 24" above the paper (it sits on top of the toilet tank) - my chemical trays table is plywood across the bathtub.

    In a couple of years we'll be out of this house and into a new one - then I'll have a custom darkroom - for now this other works just fine.

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    Second Avandesande & John on simplicity. For some of my older "thin" negatives a 25 watt bulb will work, but it sounds like you will need a bit more if you have platinum films already. A flood lamp from the hardware store in a cheap spun aluminum reflector will work just fine. Azo will develop in any developer. Dektol will give you cold prints, Neutol WA is great, amidol is best if you need a water bath for contrast control, choose your poisin. Looks pretty silly to have my lamp clipped on to the bottom of the enlarger, but this is how I print with azo.

    A simple setup in your bathroom will be just as good as a darkroom, but not as comfortable. Your prints won't know the difference. Who knows, perhaps you will look back on those "bathroom days" as the start of a new adventure. Good luck, want to see the prints. tim

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