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    I do experiment with another developer or variation from time to time, but not often. Only when I hear good reports from people who I respect or I am in a state of confusion or turmoil.

    I let the final negatives & prints be the guide. If I can't see a difference after having the prints up for awhile next to my known standards, I don't change. If it isn't an improvement I can see I don't change. Each change entails more than just that, it changes some working characteristics, methods & mental approach that all interferes with what I am trying to do, get prints that are the finest I can produce.

    If that means using nasty stuff like Amidol, so be it. In small amounts it is fine & controllable & easy to mix. Same with the Pyrocat HD from Sandy King(thanks to Sandy for coming up with this stuff- it is excellent) Having known materials that work predictably & without odd & unexplainable failures(like Xtol) takes the worry out of things in a big way. I can then concentrate on the images and not the process.

    Maybe there is something finer than Michaels Amidol, but I have not yet seen it. The bottom line for me is that it works and gives results nothing else matches.

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    I'm concerned first and foremost with pictures. Not with chemistry. I believe that once you find something that works, stick with it, until you see something similar to what you do, only the quality is better, in a technical way. Then try that, too. But if you don't see something better, don't switch. If it ain't broke . . . .

    But some come to photography from the technical side and really enjoy trying many things. Nothing wrong with that--it is just a different approach from that of those who come to photography from the picture side and have to learn the technical stuff as a necessary evil.

    I once taught all that technical stuff in an art school--after I taught myself, and am glad I had to learn it--but have forgotten 98% of it by now. That's because 98% of it really has nothing to do with pictures.

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