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Until a person actually measures the scale of a paper, it is difficult to describe how one paper compares to another...this is especially difficult when the paper is not available yet.

The only way to know for sure is to print a step wedge on a given paper and then measure the scale based upon the paper's characteristics.

For instance, Azo when it was still available, varied in contrast during a couple of runs that I recall. At that time a Grade three Azo negative would print closest to a grade one and half to two enlarging paper. Of course it is anybody's guess what will happen in the future.

If I were betting, and I am not, I would tailor my negatives to have a density range of about 1.65- 1.75...that way if the paper is not to your liking, you can at least print on Pt-pd...or maybe a grade one enlarging paper.
i like step wedges and use them all the time under the following conditions:

processing by mechanized processesor that is monitored, tested, fed and babied by very competant professionals

hand processing, when all other variables are so much reduced that the system is tight enuf, so that in response to an input, the output is predictable

other wise i have to agree with boutwell-after all he is a musician which gives him the necessary experience to know that only time and hard work can give you results-his website speaks for itself

vaya con dios