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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFlyingCamera View Post
    Eah, just print platinum/palladium and you'll be able to toss all your burning/dodging out the window. Seriously though, once you get your negative-making nailed down, you'll find you rarely have to do any manipulation at all when contact printing. The same tools you normally use (cardstock with a hole in it, wand with a disc/some other shape) will work equally well for contact printing, but you may need to make some smaller holes/discs, work a bit closer to the negative, and plan your burning/dodging patterns in advance. Simple dodging is of course the easiest, as you can see the whole negative while moving your dodging paddle around. Simple burning-in requires more planning prior to the burn cycle. If you need to do complex burning/dodging, you may want to read up on how to make unsharp masks ala Bruce Barnbaum, as this will be more effective than trying to break down your exposure into ten or twenty steps.

    I went to his site/tutorial. I think it was his, anyway.
    Masking seems more difficult, to me. I didn't spend too much time trying to thoroughly understand the process but it seemed some of the preparation is about the same
    so clicking on and off of the enlarger light a few times doesn't seem like too much work in order to get what I think is about the same end product.

    Down the road i'll revisit that

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    Well surprise, surprise! I'd given this thread up after the first few weeks with no response, but a check back finds that it has been active these past few days! I'm very grateful to all who have contributed, and it certainly encourages me that it is do-able. All I got to do now is get some negs that are worth printing!

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