Okay, I have done some testing with some toner recipes from Tim Rudman's book. I made two different bleach formulas (B1, B3) and the toner T3. Using this method I gave varying times in the bleach and then toned. The results were interesting but a little too yellow, which is what I was looking for, just not that much.

Next I used the bleach B1 with a different recipe for the toner. Stock B1 was made into a working solution of 1:9 and the test strips were bleached for 10, 15, 30 and 60 seconds. The toner I mixed was a stock solution of Thiorea and a stock solution of Sodium Hydroxide. I mixed the stock Thiorea 1:9 with 1 part stock solution of Sodium Hydroxide to make my working solution of toner.

After evaluating the strips I decided to try a print that had been Selenium toned and dried. I soaked the print in water a few minutes and then into the bleach for 10 seconds, into a wash for 30 and then into the toner for a minute. The tone this time was warm, very light brown, not too much yellow. I like very much the results I got with this print and toner combination.