I write for BLUR magazine, a PDF magazine devoted to creative photography. For those who have not seen it, I could also add (perhaps too immodestly) that it's one of the better phhotography magazines available on the Web. With almost no ads, the magazine concentrates on the creativity and art - gear is rarely discussed

BLUR magazine, issue #28

Although the imagery presented in BLUR comes from variety of sources and techniques (dig***l included), there are several regular sections that could be of interest to apug members, namely "Wet Plate", "Instantion", "Playstick" and "Pinhole", to name just a few. I write a column named "Analog Wabi-Sabi", so that one could also be somewhat relevant

The magazine is a volunteer effort - all the contributors are volunteers, and nobody gets paid a dime.
However, due to the significant rise in popularity and number of downloads, the magazine (which was previously free) recently had to introduce a symbolic download fee, mostly to offset increased internet hosting costs.

Anyway, for the price of a cup of coffee, you get about 200 pages of high quality images from all over the world, and an interesting interview or two...