So my Gallery is going to close for now, so through November 15th I will be having a sale on ALL photographs and prints. Along with some merchandise (camera bags, travel bags, tshirts). I plan on Reopening Summer/Fall of 2014 in a new location. Up to 50% of all items!

Photographs by:
Massimo Marinucci - Domenico Foschi - Bill Theis - Matthew Blais - Erik Larsen - Andrew Moxom

Dan Dozer - William Purcell - Tori Nelson - Jim Fitzgerald - Robert Oliver - Vinny Walsh

Current Exhibit: Carnie/Paterson "Simplicity
I'm reducing my commission by 15% on these. If anything, stop by to see some really cool work

3764 9th street. Open most days 10-6
951 2 0 4 1451