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Even though other venues have opened up, I still believe the New York City venue is THE most important one for an artist to be accepted by. That is, unless you want to play the romantic role of the great "Starving Artist" forever.

You gotta remember - Stieglitz sold a Georgia O'Keefe painting for $25,000 in 1920-something. That was a huge sum of money in those days. Only the very rich could afford that, and they "ain't a buyin' at the corner market". They bought from Steiglitz though.
Right you are! A friend of mine is a well regarded ceramics artist in Seattle. She gets shows here all the time and made on the same wall as Marsden Hartley at the Tacoma Art Museum this month... but she's nobody in New York. She herself said it happens in New York and Paris... and maybe Los Angeles to some extent. But not Seattle