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    Photo Exhibition in Montreal and book "Other ways in photography"

    If you are in the Montreal area or passing here by theses dates, I will be really pleased to see you at the opening of the exhibition where the book will be launched.
    If you cannot assist but wish to have the book, I put some copies on the online boutique on my website ginetteclement.com
    The book is 40$ CAN and I will cover the shipping fees in Canada and USA.
    Format is 8 1/2" x 8 1/2", 120 pages, 55 illustrations. Bilingual content French/English
    See below how each photographer work.

    Photo Exhibition : Other ways in photography
    Dates: from september 10th to 26th, 2015
    At Centre Culturel et Communautaire Henri-Lemieux

    LaSalle, september 10th – Aside from the Mois de la Photo in Montreal, photographers and image lovers as well are invited to this special exhibition that displays the works of 8 talented photographers. Each of them having their own special technical way to achive their vision and produce exhibition prints. Works that are well apart from the 100% digital current way of doing. This exhibition showing over 50 prints, is presented fron september 10th to 26th, at Centre Culturel et Communautaire Henri-Lemieux.

    The photographers are :
    René Bolduc; with a photographic approach in line with 19th century methods, he creates images using wet-collodion processes.
    Nathalie Ampleman; traditional film shots, computer processed. Exhibition prints made with gum bichromate.
    Guy Glorieux; uses pinhole method and traditional camera, high contrast film images and inkjet exhibition prints.
    Ginette Clément; Lumen prints, digital images suggestive of the traditional photogram, on which she places, directly on the photographic paper, vegetal elements to capture their essence. Cameraless images using the sun as light source.
    Michel Bérard; 100% gelatin silver technique in black and white for shots and darkroom development.
    Jessica Auer; gelatin silver colour film shots taken with large format camera, with prints chemically developed on traditional colour paper.
    Guy Lafontaine; while still using traditional techniques on occasion as a starting point, the bulk of his production is digital.
    Jean-François Hamelin; uses colour negatives for his shots, while the rest of his production chain is digital.

    The exhibition curator in association with Les Éditions Cayenne gave life to a specific book of that project. The book will be launched at the exhibition opening on september 17th. The participating photographers will all attend the exhibition opening.

    The Centre Culturel et Communautaire Henri-Lemieux is located at 7644, Édouard street (angle of 5th Avenue), Montreal H8P1T3.

    Guy Lafontaine, exhibition curator
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    Good Luck Ginette

    wish I could attend




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